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A Process of Creation: 2022 in Shanghai

2022, 6:06 min

This short film is a record of a process of Wanxin's first paper sculpture creation.

R0001396 copy.JPG


Duration : 1:37. Directed by Wanxin

This short film is based on the Art Workshop ''さわるセカイ・みるセカイ[ Let's Draw Your Sense of Touch]'' which was organised by Wanxin at Otani Memorial Art Museum as a part of Bologna Children Book Fair Exhibition. The workshop was cancelled due to the COVID-19 disease in Japan. This film is created for sharing a little fun with workshop applicants and everyone who is under stay home situation. 

Screenshot 0003-12-04 at 23.10.29.png

 Agar to Cup

Duration 0:30 Directed by Wanxin Co-directed by Yumi Horikoshi

Lexus Design Competition 2019 Short Listed Work

Screenshot 0003-12-04 at 23.16.11.png
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